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Why use GenoFAB?

Understand the benefits you can expect from using GenoFAB

You probably work in a laboratory or maybe you manage a laboratory. 

Lab work can be challenging. It is often labor intensive. It is often expensive because it relies on specialized equipment and pricey supplies. Experimental workflows can be complex when they involve many small volume samples and many steps. 

GenoFAB is a lab management system designed to facilitate lab work.  

  • It saves time by helping people work together toward the lab goals.
  • It saves money by reducing labor and supply expenses. 

The components of the GenoFAB application

These benefits are achieved by combining information collected in different components of the GenoFAB application. 

  • Catalog: this is the database that contains all the laboratory data. This includes the inventory of supplies, all the lab equipment, and the collection of samples. The catalog can also include documents like protocols and Standard Operating Procedures, training records, or datasets. 
  • Locations: The location management module can describe all the lab physical places that can be used to store samples and equipment. From rooms to bench space, to drawers, to freezer boxes, all the way to individual wells in microplates, all storage locations can be defined and managed from GenoFAB's location management module. 
  • Labels: Labels are used to build a link between a physical object in the lab (supply, sample, equipment) and a record in the GenoFAB database. GenoFAB includes a powerful label printing module that can be used to identify any supply, sample, equipment, or storage location. 
  • Sensors: Many aspects of laboratory operations rely on precisely controlled temperatures. Maintaining the temperature of freezers and other cold storage equipment is essential to the conservation of samples and supplies. Precise control of incubator temperature is essential to biological growth. The temperature sensors can notify you in real-time when temperatures drift out of the acceptable range. 

The GenoFAB experience

The information collected in the different modules transforms the experience of working in a lab. 

  • Get all the information you need to do your work: All the information you need to do your work is right at your fingertip. You can find samples, SOPS, and equipment without asking people or opening many boxes looking for key supplies or samples. 
  • Work as a team: GenoFAB makes it possible for team members to request orders, media preparations, or anything they need. It makes it possible for the lab manager to assign these tasks to different team members based on their qualifications and availability. Everyone knows who is doing what and how far along they are in the process.
  • Work better and faster: Having all the information in GenoFAB will make it easier to work and the lab will produce more reproducible data faster than ever before.