Supplies Module

The supplies module is used by most labs to keep track of their supply inventory and manage their purchasing processes.


The Supplies module is designed to keep track of consumables. 


Type definition

  • Name: Supplies
  • Key: SUP
  • Instance name: Order
  • Inherit from Type: None
  • Position: Generally recommended to have fairly high in the catalog. 
  • Description: Definition needs to specify the scope of this type and differentiate it from equipment for example. It can also point to subcategories likes biologicals and chemicals. 

Entry fields

All entries include name and description fields that can be used to provide the supply common name and a general description of the type. 

Field Name

Field Type Description


Short Text The company making the supply
Catalog Name Short Text The complete name of the product as it is displayed in the vendor's catalog
Manuf. Ref. Short Text The product reference number in the manufacturer catalog
Product page URL Address of a web page describing the product
Distributor Short Text The company the supply is purchased from  when different from the manufacturer
Distributor  Ref. Short Text The product reference number in the distributor catalog
Package Size Short Text This is the size of the catalog reference. An example would be 200/case or 500 Rx kit. Note that products sold in different packages of different sizes should generally be entered as separate entries as they have different prices and reference numbers. 
List price Currency The supply standard price
Price per unit Currency The supply list price divided by the package size. 
Document Attachment, PDF User manual or other relevant documents. 
Images Attachment, Image Picture of the supply

Order fields

Field Name Field Type Description
Note Long Text A field to keep notes
Purchase Request Short Text A field to keep track of the order in the company procurement system
Purchase Order Short Text To keep track of the PO sent to the vendor
Order Number Short Text To record the order number in the vendor system. 
Current Quantity Number The quantity currently left in the inventory
Unit Dropdown A dropdown list of units used to keep track of current quantities. This may be bags, reactions, bottles.
Purchase price Currency The actual price paid for the order which may be different from the list price. 
Financials Attachment, PDF A place to attach invoices, PO, and packing slips. 
Account Dropdown This could be used to track expenses associated with different contracts. 

Biological Supplies

Biologicals are a child category of supplies. They include all the data used for supplies but add a few fields to capture data specific to biological supplies. 


Field Name Field Type Description
Entry fields
Storage Dropdown Storage temperature (RT, 4C, -20C, etc)
Supply Type Dropdown Used to indicate what kind of supplies such as enzymes, kits, media, antibodies, etc.
Order fields
Lot number Short Text  
Expiration date Date  


Just like biologicals, chemicals are a sub-type of supplies that require recording specific information. 


Field Name Field Type Description
Entry fields
Formula Short Text Chemical formula i.e. CH3
CAS Short Text CAS Number
MW Short Text Molecular Weight
Hazard Checklist List of standard chemical hazards such as flammable, corrosive, explosive, health. 
Storage Dropdown Chemical cabinet, Flammable cabinet, Explosion-proof refrigerator, etc. 
Order Fields
Lot Short Text Lot number
Expiration date Date Expiration date.