Finding information

Explore three ways to find what you are looking for in GenoFAB.

There are three main ways to retrieve information from GenoFAB. 

Search box

The search box provides a convenient way to retrieve information from GenoFAB. Just type some information associated with the record you are looking for. It can be a sample name, part of the description, or a sample ID. As you type, different records matching the query will dynamically show up and a pop-up window will provide additional information. 

Browse the catalog

Browse the catalog on the left side of the screen to find the catalog type and catalog entries that contain the record you are looking for. 

Browse locations

Another way to find information is by location. In some cases, you may not remember the sample name but you know where it is stored. In that case, navigating the storage locations is a way to find what you are looking for.